The Foretelling by Alice Hoffman

Thursday 22 March 2007
by  Nicolas M
popularity : 1%

Hoffman’s fourth novel for young adults is about a girl named Rain, the daughter of the fierce Queen of the Amazonians. Brought up by Astella and Asteria, two experienced fighters, Rain was "born in sorrow" after the queen’s rape and dark prophesies.

After her mother dies bearing her second child, Rain finds comfort in honing her battle skills and developing friendships with other outsiders, the future of her community and her own.

It is Rain’s job to lead the tribe and determine the faith of her people. After many problems with people disagreeing with her and enemies attacking ther tribe, will she be successful...

Many teenagers, particularly girls, will recognize in themselves Rain’s self-doubt and also her passage from young girl to woman : "you cannot know what will happen, you were one thing as a girl, but who will you become?" At the same time, the alien setting and fable like narration offers a limited opportunity for readers to remain connected with the characters.