Maximum Security / Robert Muchamore

Thursday 22 March 2007
by  Maxime R
popularity : 3%

In this action-packed novel by Robert Muchamore the story is told by a thirteen year old boy named James Adams. He and his sister, Lauren, have lived on a campus named Cherub, since the death of their parents. Cherub, which is a spy organisation, recruits and then trains kids for special missions.

James and Lauren are about to take on one of the biggest missions since Cherub began. The mission takes place in one of the most dangerous prisons in America called Arizona Max. Cherub has to arrest a world wide criminal, known for smuggling guns in the U.S.. Cherub’s only way to accomplish this mission is to set up the escape from prison of Curtis Oxford, Jan Oxford’s son. Hopefully Curtis will lead Cherub to his mother and Cherub will be able to arrest her.

Will Curtis lead Cherub to Jan Oxford? Will James and Lauren make it? Or will they abandon the mission? I highly recommend you to read the book to find out.

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