The Recruiting Officer / George Farquhar

Friday 9 March 2007
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On the 5th of February, 2007... British prison ships, under the command of Sir David Simpson, arrive in Sainte Marie d’en bas, and settle up on the site of current-day Sydney.

Young 2nd lieutenant Ralph Clark directs rehearsals of George Farquhar’s comedy "The Recruiting Officer". But with a cast of dispirited convicts, opposition from some of his fellow officers, and a leading lady who faces being hanged, Australia’s first Upstage production is in trouble from the start.

If you’ve seen "Our Country’s Good", Upstage’s great 2007 performance, you’ll definitely enjoy reading this (short) play... within the play !

And if you want to read some more about Upstage’s 2007 Production :

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