The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon / Stephen King

Thursday 12 October 2006
by  (^°^)
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Fiction and Mysterious Horror, 290 pages.

Another Stephen King classic for people whom like this author of course. Horror, seen this time through the eyes of the nine-year-old Tricia “but tall for her age” lost in the middle of the woods. First it is the midges and mosquitoes but we soon realise that something else is waiting in the woods, watching... Fighting for her survival against her sub conscience telling her she is doomed, this very same sub conscience backed up by a creature waiting to feed on her.

Through out the book Tricia, the young Red Sox fan manages to survive by eating berries but also thanks to the help of Tom Gordon, her star Baseball player who lives in her imagination. Or maybe not... The whole book is based on this mysterious real or unreal feeling that once again keeps the excitement up to the end of this 290-page novel.

I found this approach very moving, as the book is completely based on whether or not what the girl sees is real.

The subtle combination of horror and survival seen from the point of view of a small girl is so dramatic that we really feel for her and hope that she will make it. Alive...


I didn’t give this book a full rating because I found the end a bit disappointing, but you can decide for yourselves if you read it.

Oliver G. 2nd4