And Then There Were None / Agatha Christie

Wednesday 14 June 2006
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Agatha Christie shows again that she is a mastermind in criminal novels with her talent in making thrilling and gripping stories.

"And then there were none" is set in the ideal murder scene, 10 victims on a desolate island, brought by a mysterious host, with no communication from the mainland. Each one of the characters has a dark secret which is the reason why they were chosen to be sent to this stretch of desolate land. The atmosphere is relaxed, drinks are served, yet the people are suspicious about the whole affair. This will soon change when a murder happens, deadly poison has been injected. A constable and an inspector among the ten victims try to solve the case. They come to unpleasant conclusion: the murderer is among them. The clock is ticking, each day a murder happens following a morbid poem.

Written with style, the whole book is filled with suspense making the reader want to know more about the strange murders and happenings. None of the characters have a clue about this mystery, developing a certain complicity between the reader and the 10 victims. Each character is shown in an individual part of the chapter making the plot much more comprehensible.

This book is a must read for all criminal novel readers, one of the best in Agatha Christie’s writings.

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