First published in 2001

ISBN : 0-19-275200-6

Do you like mystery and adventure ? Well, this is the book for you !

This book is about a girl called Ella, who’s been kidnapped. Her brother Fin, had left her alone went to a pub with his friend Billy. When he came back, Sam had gone missing and Ella had been kidnapped. The kidnapper said that if they paid him a hundred thousand pounds in cash by Wednesday, that they’ll get her back. But is the exchange going to work properly ?… Read the book and you’ll find out !

The most important characters in this book are :

Ella, the victim who’s been kidnapped. She is very calm even if she is facing a very scary situation.

Fin, Ella’s brother who is trying his best to get Ella back, he will never forgive himself for having left Ella on her own.

The kidnapper, who sounds evil at the beginning but changes character at the end … by talking to Ella.

The pace is the same from the beginning to the end. It is quick with very few descriptions.

The language is both rich and easy. I learned a lot about "kidnapping" in "Storm Catchers". The author uses suspense . Because this book is really frightening and sad, the author tries to use funny expressions, to make it less sound depressing and horrible like :

The ideas that the author makes us think about are love in a family, also a lot about "kidnapping", the way people react under a panicking situation and as well the cruelty of some people.

Apart from what I consider to be an annoying ending, this book is really one of the best books of mystery and adventure I’ve ever read !

People of my age group ( 12 – 15 years old ) who are interested in mystery and adventure and who likes suspense as I do would like this book.

The part of the story that I want to share with my friends is the beginning, when Ella’s kidnapped, she’s with her little brother, Sammy and she’s got to hide him and also protect herself !

In this book the part that I will remember is the end which is bit surprising !

I really encourage you to read this book because it’s really one of the best books I’ve ever read.


Cyrielle 5°2 level 3 BOOK REPORT