The Spook’s Apprentice

Joseph Delaney


Published in 2005

ISBN: 0-370-32826-4

The Spook’s Apprentice is an action-packed Fantasy book full of strange creatures and history behind it.

Thomas is a seventh son of a seventh son who is going to become a spook. He learns to fight and deal with dark creatures. Mr. Gregory is a spook who teaches Thomas how to be a spook. He protects people from the creatures.

Thomas is the spook’s apprentice and throughout the story he constantly learns lots thanks to Mr. Gregory (learning from him in the story.) He understands the basics of a spook until, one night, a witch, the most dangerous of them all, comes and attacks people. You will find out what happens to her if you read the book.

The Spook’s Apprentice is very explanative. It starts the story and each time something new comes along, it describes it or explains it. It is always like this throughout the whole story.

Some words in this book are words I had never seen before but I did understand them in the context or the way the author used them. Most of the words he used were gloomy.

The author makes us think about family and friendship even though this doesn’t stand out a lot in the story. Thomas becomes friends with a girl called Alice – you will find out who this girl is if you read the book.

I found that this book was perfect for me so I do not have any criticism of it except maybe for the end, which was a bit annoying because it was a cliff-hanger. What could happen next?

The book is only addressed to an audience who enjoys reading about fantasy. Sometimes it was scary but was still the best book I’ve ever read.

I really enjoyed this book because of the aspect of witches and creatures and especially the magic even though there wasn’t a lot. If you like fantasy and action I really hope you will read this book!