Private Peaceful

By Michael Morpurgo

First published in: October 2004

(Other times other places)

If you are between 10-15 years old and you like books about other times other places, growing up and friendship you have to read this book.

The language style is easy to follow, I enjoyed the names Michael Morpurgo invented for some characters. The story moves slowly then fast then slowly then fast and finishes slowly, the changing of speeds is annoying, at times.

Tommo is the main character of the story, he is the one talking to us, telling us about his life.

Charlie is the older brother of Tommo. Charlie is always with Tommo protecting him and helping him with everything, even if it has bad consequences for him.

Private Peaceful is the story of a boy, named Tommo and his family. They live in England in a village. After Tommo’s dad dies we are told about plenty of adventures, good and bad. In between the owner of the house trying to get it back and problems elsewhere the family is having a hard time. They have plenty of adventures in their village until Charlie is obliged to go to war, otherwise the owner will take his house back. Tommo goes with his brother, but the end you will have to read.

What makes the book special is the friendship and the bond between Charlie and Tommo, if you read this book, I hope you like it because I loved it.

Book highly recommended.