The looking Glass Wars

By Frank Beddor

First published in 2004

ISBN: 1-4052-0987-9

If you like books about fantasy and romance, then this is the book for you.

"The Looking Glass Wars" is about a girl called Alice, who lives in Wonderland. Alice is a princess and her parents are queen and king of Wonderland. But one day, the terrible Redd invades Wonderland and kills Alice’s parents so Hatter Madigan takes her away to the pool of tears. But when they dived in, they accidentally let go hands. They end up in different worlds, so Hatter tries to find Alice everywhere. Alice is going to live numerous adventures from this point. But in the mean time, the war is destroying everything in Wonderland. They really need Alice to return to her world. As the years go by, Alice is going to have lots of things to do. In "The Looking Glass Wars" the setting is in three different places: London, Paris and Wonderland. If you want to know the details and the end of the story, read this book.

This book has three main characters, Dodge who represents a great love for Alice and the romance in the book, he is very open to Alice but when she goes away everything seems to go down a dark hole, and closes up, he becomes very sensitive and alone. Hatter Madigan, who represents a savior for Alice and the action in the book. This man is very determined to do his job and a great soldier who is admired. Finally there is Alice who seems to evolve through the story and for Wonderland she is the only hope left to defeat Redd. In the story she is the center of action. Discover the rest of the characters by reading "The Looking Glass Wars".

The story itself goes fast but some descriptions slow the story down. You get caught up in the story, so you want to read and read.

The language is rich. The author really used different vocabulary, which was interesting. There were also invented words, which were still keeping the book as serious and dangerous as possible. It really fascinated me that he could invent words while staying serious.

The fantasy war makes us think of a normal war. It is very realistic even if this war is in a invented world with invented characters.

The only part that I didn’t like in this book was the end. If you want to discover if you like this ending or not read this otherwise excellent book.

I really think people from my age group would like "The Looking Glass Wars" because after a certain age people don’t want to believe in fantasy, they might find it stupid, but I know that I still believe in this kind of fantasy.

I really want to share the aspect of the war and the romance between Dodge and Alice because it is interesting that he associated these two points although usually romance and war don’t go together, so I really liked that. I will remember most of all the great love between Alice and Dodge and Alice’s adventures all through the book.

In this book I discovered new words and different aspects of war. I really recommend this excellent book to you!!