ARK ANGEL (adventure)

By Anthony Horowitz

First Published in 2005.

I.S.B.N : 0-7445-8324-1

This book is pure class, stylish, but action packed !

This book is mostly an action-thriller full of adventure. It is captivating and full of suspense which makes you want to read it very fast.

This awesome book is about a 14-year-old boy named Alex Rider who is in St Dominicís Hospital after being shot by a sniper rifle. He was determined to put his spying days behind him when a group of deadly terrorists breaks into the hospital. When he realizes that their target is Paul Drevin he switches the room numbers so the terrorists catch him instead of Paul Drevin. Suddenly he realizes that he is in the middle of a war that seems to be related to Ark Angel, the space hotel. What will happen to Alex? If you really want to know, read the book to find out !

The main characters in the story are :

Alex Rider : who is a 14-year-old teenager and, who has lost his parents when he was a baby. So he ended up living with his uncle who was murdered a year later by an assassin. So now he lives with his guardian, Jack Starbright. Alex Rider secretly works for the M16

Another significant character in the story is :

Nikolei Drevin : A mafia macho, who has worked for the Russian army and has become rich.

This book is easy to read because it is so filled with action that when you finish a chapter you want to know the end so you keep on reading. At some parts of the book descriptions are too long and complicated and this kills the action.

The language is complicated at some parts of the book, for example when there are descriptions it is sometimes complicated but in the rest it is easy to understand.

The author makes us think about the eco system because in the book there are eco-terrorists who try to kill a multi billionaire because when he launched his rocket to the space hotel 3 birds died during the launch.

Also the author makes us think about terrorism which is very bad.

Anybody who likes action between 10 to adult would like this book. So if you like action, read it and you will be satisfied.

By Maxime