"The Ruby in the Smoke"

By Phillip Pullman

Philip Pullman, author of the Dark Materials trilogy, and winner of many awards, continues to exercise his marvellous imagination in "The Ruby in the Smoke".

Step into the misty Victorian London of 1872 accompanied by our heroine: "Her name was Sally Lockhart and within fifteen minutes she was going to kill a man". From the very first page we are lured into her story and her search into her foggy past to discover the conspiracy that is closing around her.

Her fatherís death three months previously has brought the evil that killed him into direct contact with her. Come with her, through the smoggy streets of London, to solve the mysteries. Meet her friends, deadly enemies and the legend of the lost ruby connected with her and her father. "Beware of the seven blessings" and maybe you will be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together before the dark intrigue surrounds you too.

This is a gripping book that maintains the suspense until the very end. With its vivid imagery, fabulous descriptions and breath-takingly intricate plot, this is utterly compelling reading.

Can be enjoyed by adults and young adults alike.

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