Pride and Prejudice, one of the most famous novels written by Jane Austen is definitely a book to be recommended for its interesting plot and themes.

Elizabeth Bennet is part of a comfortably off family, as well as her elder sister Jane, who is her confident, and her three younger sisters. Their parentsí wish is to have their daughters married. Their hopes grow stronger when they meet Mr Bingley, their new neighbour, who they plan to have married to Jane. At the same time, we encounter Mr Darcy, a very proud and unpopular man, living with him. After a first negative impression on her, he becomes very interested in Elizabeth and ends up in love with her. Several events and obstacles then build an interesting plot that takes the reader throughout the story. Indeed, Bingley, Darcy and the other members of their partyís departure to London is the first important part of the book. Then follow the arrival of the cousin Collins, his proposal to Elizabeth, the encounter of Mr Wickham, Collinsí unexpected wedding and the numerous other important scenes that are to be discovered further in the novel.

There could have been no better title than Pride and Prejudice for this book. This theme is essential to the plot. Pride and prejudice are indeed the only topics dealt with in nearly the entire story. They are what lead us through it. Another important theme is of course love related to marriage and the distinction between true love and affection. Others included are family, friendship and hostility which are important in the charactersí relationship and attitudes.

Jane Austenís piece of work ought to be read by everybody, except children who could not understand the meaning of the novel. However, even if it is not written for a young audience, it is not less enjoyable to read. This is above all due to the fact that it alternates descriptions and dialogs so that the reader is more entertained, instead of being bored, which can happen in long descriptive passages. We therefore cannot deny that Jane Austen has a real talent and we hope that her other novels are just as satisfying and pleasant as this one.

It is therefore obvious that everybody should make an effort in reading Pride and Prejudice. This should not only be for peopleís amusement but also for themselves. This novel was not just written to amuse, but to pass a message on, concerning its main themes. For example, as it is defined in the book: "Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us" and this statement is demonstrated throughout the plot. Letís then allow the reader to discover the hidden meanings in this book. It really teaches a lot to go through this story.

Pride and Prejudice is therefore a novel to be tried without hesitating, and even if people do not find it good, they cannot deny that it is instructing.

By Maeva