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The Influence of Man on Earth

Wednesday 10 March 2010, by Maria João, Laurène et Francesco

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The activities of I.D.D. "The influence of Man on the Planet" showed them how Man has evolved in the community and how he has built and destroyed.

Students in this I.D.D. learned during these two days and a half what ecology is, they went out and met various stakeholders in the F.R.A.P.N.A., it’s an association that helps and encourages people to save the environnement.

They learned how the city of Grenoble has developed, the appearance of humans on Earth, the organisation of their territory and how Man lives in the environment.

Their teacher, Mr. West has lots of technical solutions to protect the environment in a better way: ban cars in certain areas, develop public transports, isolate buildings to use less energy due to heat... But he said that politics often prevents them from working. People often are not ready to abandon their confortable life for an other one less pleasant.

Mr. West has proposed this I.D.D. thinking that this activity is very interesting. It allows students to work in teams, in a somewhat looser than normal conditions and on a serious subject.

The message he wants to get across is that we’d better protect the planet: "We will have the world we deserve, no more."

Students say that protecting the environment is important for our future.

That appeals to most of the students, they think they learn a lot ...

Most of these students chose this activity as first choice. Note however, those who did not don’t regret being there. They say they like this type of activity, using computers, making sketches ...

Remember, to pollute is to kill ourselves!

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