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IDD des 5e

Cinema and its language !!!

Some students chose the IDD film, they tell ...

Tuesday 9 February 2010, by Amric, Roman et Timothée

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They chose the language of cinema as they were eager to learn about the subject. They watched pieces of advertising such as Citroen, the Cat ... On Tuesday they went to Lyon, at the Light Institute to learn more about the creators of the film and its history. Below are movie buffs ...

Just after pushing the door, we find ourselves in a joyful and dynamic atmosphere.

Students are immersed in a particularly arduous work apparently. The teacher explains the purpose of this exercise: perform with his soundtrack a corresponding listening. Ms. Marcovitch asks us to take part at the end of the interview.

We start it. The course motivated students have responded appropriately.

Impatient, they rush to us for questions. Disappointed that the first question is so unoriginal, they still respond and give us their opinion on this IDD.

They will respond in an angry tone so that it amuses you, they find it quite amusing and what they have learned is interesting. They trust us they have learned things that would be a shame not to know.

No fear, dear readers, the following will inform you about the cinematic language. In fact, not a single object but a set of plans, sequences of shots such as diving: and cons-diving scale plan as comprehensive plan, closeup everything is represented here and also the movement of cameras such as the traveling, the fact to move the camera from top to bottom, from right to left and the view when you turn on a fixed point, the whole giving an embellishment for the video.

Immediately after we put (( The Question)) testing the knowledge of the young moviegoers.

They will meet the expected answers such as vocabulary around the cinema. And jovially add that the soundtrack is much more important than you might think! They teach us that if we find an advertisement done well, thanks largely to the soundtrack!

We still ask why they chose this route Discovery! By revealing the result, their tone changes and loads of ambition because the filmmakers are already ready for a future career in film! They are added they would like to make a beautiful film with the learning ...

We wonder about the use they make of cinematic language.
- "Not just when we write a film but when you see a commercial, everything is burning videos. It occupies an important place in our lives every day." ((Did you ever purchased a product through advertising?))
- "It depends on the stroke or a few years later."
- "Not me it still costs 5 euros instead of 3."
- "Me too I bought some."
- "It depends on what is advertising to make people want to buy it must be good cinematography."
- "It depends on the quality of advertising, if it is a superb advertisement for something no one will be influenced and they will want to buy while if, conversely, what sells is very good and the advertisement is zero, it does not feel like buying it. "
- "Advertising influences many people, so ..."
- "It makes you want to buy it but it depends on the audience: if advertising is dedicated to women not men who are buying and vice versa ..."

Bande son

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