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Copyright Laws


Tuesday 9 February 2010, by David

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Copyright law is a principle that protects the benefits of work of an artist. Once the work is materialised, you cannot reproduce it. For example, you cannot publish any photo found on Google if you do not ask the author if you have the right to publish it beforehand. There are works free of rights but they’re are often old works. To check whether a work is copyright free, you can go on to a website like Wikimedia Commons. There are logos to show whether there is copyright in a work:

This logo means that there are some copyright laws on the work

This logo means that there are all copyright laws on the work : it is forbidden to use the document!

This logo means that there are no copyright laws on this work.

Be careful when you publish photos that are not yours. It is best to contact the author before using his work. It also applies to your work, if someone uses one of your works, he must contact you to ask your permission and you can make him pay to use your work.

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