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It’s All About Snow

Questions of IDD

Tuesday 9 February 2010, by Melissa, Julie et Katie

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To discover and adapt to the natural environment: snow

1) Why did you choose this IDD?

- It had been a long time that I had not been skiing so I wanted to do some. Also to discover a little Chamrousse (Gozienna O.)
- Because I love skiing and mountains (Phoebe B)
- Because I enjoy skiing (Soren A.)
- I chose this IDD because I like sport and it was an opportunity to ski again.(Germain D.)
- I chose this IDD because I hadn’t skied for three years and it was a good opportunity. (Younes T.)

2) What new words in English or German have you learned ?

- We learned to say snow, snowball, ski, ski poles, ski boots, gloves and hat in German : schnee, schneeball, ski, skistocke, skischuhe, handschuhe and helm.
- We learned how to say snow,snowball,skies,ski sticks,ski boots and hat in English. :-))

3) Which of the two activities did you prefer? Why?

- I preferred the ski slope because the cross-country skiing was tiring (Phoebe B.)
- I loved the best ski slope for the more dynamic and cross-country skiing is slower. (Younes T.)

4) In which of the two activities have you learned the most? What have you learned?

5) Are you satisfied with your IDD? Why?

- Yes, because we went skiing all day (Leonard M.)
- Yes I am satisfied because I had a lot of fun with my friends (Germain D.)
- Yes because I had fun (Ricardo C.)
- Yes because I liked everything except the afternoon when I fell. (Younes T.)

6) Did you see animals, tracks? Of what animals?

- Yes we saw tracks in the snow but we do not know which animal. (Germain D.)

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