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Lors de leur voyage au Pays-Bas, les élèves ont découvert " Cradle to cradle ", une démarche qui défend l’idée d’une production à faible impact écologique.
Tout le groupe de 1ère section européenne s’est penché sur le sujet, les articles suivants sont issus de cette réflexion.



France insérée

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Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle is a philosophy, a new concept of sustainable development. But it’s better, because sustainable development only makes a thing and then recycles all the componants when possible, discarding the rest in the bin.
Sustainable develpment was a good idea but there is a problem : when we were in Holland as part of our Comenius project, we did the experiment to destroy the computers, we saw that it’s very difficult to separate the plastics and the metals.
But Cradle to Cradle is (...)

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Cradle to Cradle (Hugo)

Cradle to cradle(C2C) is a philosophy made by 2 men : William Mc Donough ( architect ) and Michael Braungart (chemist) According to it’s own web site, : EPEA is an international scientific institute with a consulting perspective that implements the Cradle to Cradle®-concept through eco-effective design of materials, products and services.
What is Cradle to Cradle ?
We adopted C2C because we want to take care of the future : we think of future generations that will have a better (...)

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Cradle to Cradle (Romain)

Originally, Cradle to Cradle (Du berceau au berceau) was created by architect William Mac Donough and chemist Michael Braungart.
More about Cradle to Cradle (C2C) :
They have been developping the idea of Cradle to Cradle since 2002. "We adopted C2C because we want to take care of the future : We have to make sure future generations have a better life"
— > The first principle of Cradle to Cradle is to make products which are biodegradable, recyclable.
— > The second is to lean on renewable (...)

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Cradle to Cradle (Morgane & Pauline)

"Remaking the way we make things"
In European Section (première), we are working on the Comenius project (about the environment).
We went to the Netherlands in October. There, we discovered the Cradle to Cradle philosophy.
It’s a new way of creating products. With this idea, we think about the end of the objects before creating them. That’s why Cradle to Cradle products are easily recyclable because they can be completely dismantled.
The goal is to recycle products not only once, not (...)

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