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An introduction to the Grenoble Education Authority - Académie de Grenoble

Covering the departments of Ardèche, Drome, Isère, Savoie and Haute Savoie, the Grenoble Education Authority - Académie de Grenoble is one of the two education authorities of the Rhone-Alpes region (the second being Lyon).

The Rhone-Alp region is the second most populated region in France with 5.65 million inhabitants (a population similar to that of Denmark or Finland). The average age of a Rhone-Alp inhabitant (36) is younger than the national average and one person in four is under twenty.

With a surface area of 43,700km - about the size of the Netherlands or Switzerland - our region is ideally situated at the centre of European trade exchanges, thanks to the Alpine motorway network, high-speed train links and proximity to three airports (Grenoble-St-Geoirs, Lyon-St-Exupery and Geneva). This is a significant factor in the development of the economy and of tourism in the region.

Rhone-Alp is among the leading economic regions of Europe. Its strong economy is both rich and diverse. Its many spheres of activity include agriculture : Rhone-Alp agricultural production stands apart thanks to its many regional specialities and appellations d’origine contrôlée and is enhanced by a dynamic food-processing industry ; the industrial sector : the driving force of Rhone-Alp activity and a highly diversified sector including not only traditional industries which have succeeded in adapting to technical progress (such as the chemical industry, textiles, mechanics, wood and paper…) but also budding new activities, leading the way in innovation (electronics, computers, bio-technology,…) ; tourism and services whose development is hugely facilitated by the diversity of the natural surroundings.

The Grenoble Education Authority - Académie de Grenoble is defined by its sheer size and its enormous geographic variety, with rural and mountainous areas alternating with highly concentrated urban centres, five towns having populations of over 100,000 inhabitants : Grenoble (416,000), Annecy (137,000), Chambéry (111,000), Valence (109,000) and Annemasse (107,000). From Savoie to the Provence area of Drôme, not forgetting the Rhone Valley, this education authority enjoys a very privileged environment, thanks to the exceptional beauty of its natural sites and an excellent quality of life.

A remarkable natural heritage The Grenoble Education Authority - Académie de Grenoble is the home of exceptional natural riches often in conservation areas : for example the national nature reserves of La Vanoise and Les Ecrins, the regional nature reserves of Vercors and Chartreuse, of the Bauges mountain range and of the Ardèche hills, the Belledonne mountain range and Mont Blanc, the highest point in Europe (a reference for all mountaineers), the lakes Leman, le Bourget and Geneva. These sites host a variety of sporting and leisure activities : hiking, mountain climbing, downhill or cross-country skiing (with 166 ski stations in the Alps), mountain-biking, caving (the chasms of Berger and Bernard are considered to be the deepest in the world), canoeing, rafting, gliding…

An Olympic Education Authority The Olympic flame has burned three times here with the Chamonix Winter Olympics in 1924 (the first winter Olympics in history) and the Grenoble and Abertville Winter Olympics in 1968 and 1992.

A modern and dynamic education authority In the culture and heritage sphere, the education authority can pride itself on its Grenoble gallery (the oldest modern art gallery in France), the Dauphinois museum, the museum of the Resistance movement and deportation, the museum of Natural History, the “Chemins du Baroque” in Savoie and the Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc cave in Ardèche. The authority/academy can also boast two music festivals : “38eme Rugissants” and the Vienne jazz festival ; cinema festivals : the Grenoble open-air short film festival, the Autran mountain and adventure festival, the Annecy animated film and Italian cinema festivals, the St Gervais comedy film festival, … and the shooting of many feature films (the education authority’s different departments having recently become popular locations for the cinema).

The Grenoble Education Authority - Académie de Grenoble stands out as a high-level, pioneer centre in the areas of science, technology, research and development, and technological innovation. The industrial base is concentrated : big industrial corporations flourish side by side with high-tech industries and technological bases. Every year, several thousand researchers from all over the world are attracted here by many organisations and laboratories for international research including the Grenoble Centre for Nuclear Studies (CEA-CENG), the laboratories of the five universities, the CNRS, INSERM and INRIA, the European Synchroton Radiation Facility, the Technopole of Meylan-Montbonnot, the Tricastin and Pierrelatte site (for nuclear studies) as well as the new MINATEC centre devoted to micro- and nano-technology.

The public interest group Grenoble Univerité Recherche, an international centre - a forum for consultation and long-term reflection also contributes to the academic and scientific dynamism of the Grenoble area, by facilitating partnerships and the pooling of resources and projects and the emergence of innovative solutions and actions of general interest.

A real international influence From primary school to university, the Grenoble Education Authority - Académie de Grenoble has for a long time strongly promoted an open outlook on the world. The five universities and the schools have numerous agreements of international cooperation (with an ambitious exchange policy including European programmes such as Socrates or Leonardo, receiving foreign teachers and researchers and twinning programmes) and they have developed strong ties with many European regions (for example with our neighbours in Italy), and with other countries in the world. Our partnership with the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE) should also be mentioned.

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