The legend of Trasimeno’s lake

Thursday 3 March 2011
by  Thomas STARCK
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A long time ago a beautiful fairy princess, called Egille, lived on the lake. She lived on the Polvese island, in a magnificent palace.

Trasimeno, the youngest of Tirreno’s sons, one day went hunting trough the woods around the lake. He glanced at the island “What a marvellous building !” he tought, “Just a king could live there.”

He heard a sweet melody from the island and saw a group of girls under an open lodge of the palace. One of them was combing her hair helped by the others girls. He went into the water and started to swim towards the island. He could see that the mysterious woman was really beautiful.

It was she who sang. She had long, blond hair, perhaps she was a princess! They started to talk. The princess asked him : “Are you really a poor fisherman whose boat capsized?”

Eventually Trasimeno confessed the truth and asked her to be his wife. After the wedding, which was celebrated with an enormous party, the two youths spent only a few happy days together.

One morning, while Trasimeno was bathing in the rough water of the lake, a large wave washed over him and he disappeared.

Egille tried to call him but Trasimeno didn’t answer. He seemed dissolved in every drop of water as if the lake wanted to own him as well as his body also his name.









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